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... The examinations fot lower degrees has been held in Martin on 14th and 15th June 2018. You can find protocol and more information here ...


... Let us inform you that the Black Belt Committee has approved new, updated version of Technicall and Grading Rules. The essential change is whole new technicall part dedicated to Kobudo. In relation to karate we have modified and ammended certain techniques according to the latest information from Okinawa as well as we have partly simplified and amended self-defence part... More information here ... 

Slovak Society of Traditional Karate and Kobudo


SSTKK Organizational Structure


Presidential Board:


President: JUDr. Erik Štefák

Vice-President: Ing. Peter Krč
General Secretary: p. Anna Jesenská

PB Member for Seminars Organization: Ing. Norbert Kustra

PB Member for Competitions Organization: Ing. Peter Suchý


Controller: Ing. Štefan Jány


Disciplinary Commmittee:


Ing. Miroslav Krištofík,

Bc. Zuzana Schlosserová

Ing. Ľubomír Bialek


Black Belt Committee:


(In terms of SSTKK Technical and Grading Rules, is the member of Black Belt Committee every holder of 3. dan and higher in karate and 1. dan and higher in kobudo as long as this degree was given by the committee of which members were Okinawa masters) 


Erik Štefák (5. dan karate, 3. dan kobudo, 1. dan Iaido)

Mirek Brokeš (5. dan karate, 3. dan kobudo)

Ondrej Novosad (4. dan karate, 2. dan kobudo)

Peter Krč (4. dan karate)

Michal Netolický (4. dan karate, 1. dan kobudo)

Jaroslav Krám (3. dan karate, 1. dan Ju-jutsu)

Ľubomír Bialek (3. dan karate, 2. dan Iaido)

Peter Suchý (3. dan karate)

Miroslav Krištofík (3. dan karate)

Anna Jesenská (3. dan karate)

Milan Korec (3. dan karate)

Peter Bohov (2. dan karate, 2. dan kobudo)


SSTKK Structure of Organization and Important Documents