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... The examinations fot lower degrees has been held in Martin on 14th and 15th June 2018. You can find protocol and more information here ...


... Let us inform you that the Black Belt Committee has approved new, updated version of Technicall and Grading Rules. The essential change is whole new technicall part dedicated to Kobudo. In relation to karate we have modified and ammended certain techniques according to the latest information from Okinawa as well as we have partly simplified and amended self-defence part... More information here ... 

Slovak Society of Traditional Karate and Kobudo




In our society the traditional Okinawa Goju-ryu karate of Shodokan, or Seigokan style is being trained. Our instructors are taking part at the training camps on Okinawa island regularly 2 times a year. 

SSTKK organizes specialized seminars for all members as for Slovak cup in traditional karate for young people on a regular basis.  



In SSTKK we train traditional Okinawa kobudo of Ryuei-ryu style. Within this school the following weapons are being practiced: kun (stave), sai, ekku (oar), kama (sickle), timbe/teppi (short spike/shield).


Kobudo starts to be trained in SSTKK when the trainee reaches 4. kyu (green belt) in karate.




Okinawa Island is a second home for us. Instructors of our society have created strong background on the island. SSTKK president is the official deputy of Goju-ryu karate and kobudo renmei for Slovakia. 

Regularly, two times a year, organizes SSTKK training camps (seminars) on Okinawa island for clubs trainers and the best trainees.

Self - Defence


Self-defense is the basic component of training within SSTKK.


Our instructors at the best in Slovakia and their experience are regularly used by the armed forces. SSTKK organizes minimally four self-defense seminars during every season.


Our Teachers


Our trainers are Okinawa masters Choyu Kiyuna, Seitoku Matayoshi, Zensei Gushiken, Akira Gushi, Shigeru Kinjo, Eiki Kurashita, Tadashi Shinjo and many others from Goju-ryu Kokusai Karate Kobudo Renmei.


Techniques of self-defense include parts of Ju-Jutsu, to which we were led by Mr. Csaba Harsániy

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SSTKK Organizational Structure


Presidential Board:


President: JUDr. Erik Štefák

Vice-President: Ing. Peter Krč
General Secretary: p. Anna Jesenská

PB Member for Seminars Organization: Ing. Norbert Kustra

PB Member for Competitions Organization: Ing. Peter Suchý


Controller: Ing. Štefan Jány


Disciplinary Commmittee:


Ing. Miroslav Krištofík,

Bc. Zuzana Schlosserová

Ing. Ľubomír Bialek


Black Belt Committee:


(In terms of SSTKK Technical and Grading Rules, is the member of Black Belt Committee every holder of 3. dan and higher in karate and 1. dan and higher in kobudo as long as this degree was given by the committee of which members were Okinawa masters) 


Erik Štefák (5. dan karate, 3. dan kobudo, 1. dan Iaido)

Mirek Brokeš (5. dan karate, 3. dan kobudo)

Ondrej Novosad (4. dan karate, 2. dan kobudo)

Peter Krč (4. dan karate)

Michal Netolický (4. dan karate, 1. dan kobudo)

Jaroslav Krám (3. dan karate, 1. dan Ju-jutsu)

Ľubomír Bialek (3. dan karate, 2. dan Iaido)

Peter Suchý (3. dan karate)

Miroslav Krištofík (3. dan karate)

Anna Jesenská (3. dan karate)

Milan Korec (3. dan karate)

Peter Bohov (2. dan karate, 2. dan kobudo)


SSTKK Structure of Organization and Important Documents

Karate club FATRA Martin


Karate club FATRA Martin was founded in 2010, when experienced former trainees and trainers of former big clubs in Martin as Medik and Tatran (later Seipai) decided to start common trainings. The bunch of enthusiastic returnees became a group, first recruitment occurred, then second and other. Today, after five years from the establishment, FATRA Martin has its own premises for trainings (app 250 m2 tatami) and more than 100 active members.  Main trainers of the club are Erik Štefák (5. dan karate, 2. dan kobudo), Ondřej Novosad (4. dan karate, 1. dan kobudo), Jaroslav Krám (4. dan karate, 1. dan Ju-Jutsu), Peter Suchý (3. dan karate), Miroslav Krištofík (3. dan karate), Ľubomír Bulvas (1. dan karate) and Radomír Fleischer (2. dan karate). More information about the club you will find on or

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Karate club Okinawa Dolný Kubín


Karate club Okinawa Dolný Kubín was founded in 2010. Group of enthusiastic people around the Orava karate nestor Mr. Štefan Jány started to commute to the trainings of traditional karate in Martin. Gradually they started with the regular trainings at the Economic school in Dolný Kubín. Thanks to Mr. Peter Dobák, they have very nice premises for trainings to their exposal. Trainees of traditional karate from Dolný Kubín devote mainly to adult trainees. In this club you can find also karate trainees who are over 60 years old. Main trainers of the club are ŠtefanJány (1. dan karate) and Norbert Kustra (2. dan karate). More information about the club you will find on

Karate club Goju-ryu Karate-do Banská Bystrica


Constitutive meeting of the club was held in October 2011, as a reaction to the recovery need of Karate Clubu Elán. Constitutive members of the club are many experienced karate fighters, former charges of one bunch of the original club and former fighters of Slovak karate federation. Goju-ryu Karate-do club Banská Bystrica since 2012, when its members took part at the Okinawa visit, has started even more actively devote to training and spreading of traditional karate of Goju-ryu style. Nowadays the main trainer is Mr. Peter Krč (4.dan karate and the master of Tai Chi Chuan with more than 20 years of experience), another trainers are Ivan Sucháň (2.dan karate) and Zuzana Schlosserová (2.dan karate). More information about the club you will find on KARATE-DO-Banská-Bystrica or


Karate club FATRA Turčianske Teplice


Karate club FATRA Turčianske Teplice is the oldest among the clubs which are nowadays associated in Slovak society of traditional karate and kobudo. Already in 1999 Ľubomír Hanko and Erik Štefák founded OZ FATRA Society of martial arts friends as a superordinate society for martial arts trainings in Turčianske Teplice. Since that time up to now the traditional karate is being trained in Turčianske Teplice. At the beginning the amount of members vary between 15 up to 50 members during the times when karate was most popular sport, and later was this amount stabilized on app. 20 trainees under the guidance of  experienced trainers who are  Ľubomír Bialek (3. dan karate, 1. dan Iaido) and Anka Jesenská (2. dan karate). More information about the club you will find on orčianske-združenie-FATRA-166806359444 

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Members of SSTKK

Karate club FATRA Turčianske Teplice


Beginnings of the club Survival Jissen are dated since 1991, when KK Go ju ryu and Jissen jitsu was founded with KK ATJ Plameň. Members of the club penetrated under the guidance of various masters into the mysteries of different martial arts as Aikido / Štefan Kurila /, Seidokan karate / Bogdan Czapla, Polland /, Aiki ju jutsu / Mgr. Michal Sliwka, Polland / and survival techniques / Pavel Trošák, Czech republic /. In 1998 the name of the club has been reduced to Survival Jissen Slovakia and we have started to cooperate also with the mountaineering club Prometeus Handlová. Actually, the club owns small dojo where the club members meet each other and train traditional Okinawa karate Goju-ryu Shodokanas well as kobudo. Trainings are guided by the trainer Mr. Milan Korec (2. dan karate). More information about the club you will find on


Okinawa Training Camp


We are organizing the training camp on Okinawa Island always two times a year, usually in June and at the end of October. During the 9 - 11 days of stay attend participants 14 - 18 trainings under the guidance of our Okinawa masters.


Primarily trainers of particular SSTKK member clubs are taking part at the training camp. Nomination of the team is under the approval of SSTKK Presidential board. Every member club has its right to send to the training camp at least one of its trainers. 

Summer Traditional Karate & Kobudo Camp


Once a year, SSTKK members over 18 years meet at camp, which is organized by SSTKK in Slanická Osada near Oravská priehrada. The camp usually lasts from Wednesday evening till Sunday morning.


Camp participants attend three days of trainings and three evenings full of entertainment among friends. Trainees train every day two-phase, divided into two groups - black belts and so called "the fruitties" :-) - students STV. Training camp is being led under the guidance of the SSTKK most experienced instructors and also by invited guests from Slovakia or from abroad. Planned date of the next camp you will find here. 

Regular Self-Defence Seminars


During the season, it means from September till June, regular seminars of self-defense under the guidance of Jaroslav Krám, Erik Štefák, Miroslav Krištofík or Roman Pittner are being held in premises of Karate club FATRA Martin gymnasium. Seminars are usually taking place in Saturdays and compose of two subsequent trainings with short break. First part is usually focused on techniques training, while the second training is focused more on psychological preparation, stress management and model situations training.


During the self-defense instruction we use not only the knowledge from traditional karate, but also from ju-jutsu, box and psychology. Our instructors are not theoreticians. All have personal experience with crisis situation management whether in employment or in common life. Seminars schedule for actual season you will find here.


Regular Seminars of Traditional Karate & Kobudo


Similarly to self-defense, SSTKK organizes regular seminars of traditional karate and kobudo. Since our instructors regularly visit Okinawa, we are trying to spread gained knowledge as soon as possible to as many karate trainees as possible.


Seminars of karate and kobudo are opened for everyone. Similarly to self-defense, these seminars are usually taking place in Saturdays, while compose of two subsequent trainings with 15 min break. Trainings are focused on bunkai – it means explanation of used techniques from kata (forms) in the battle. In case of kobudo, trainings are mainly focused on correct mastering of basic techniques and kata. Seminars schedule for actual season you will find here.

SSTKK Seminars

Winter Self-Defence & Bunkai Seminar


At the turn of January and February we meet at the Winter training camp of traditional karate and self-defense in Moštenica. Trainings are under the guidance of our self-defense and traditional karate instructors. Training takes place on tatami. Except of self-defense, we also use tatami for bunkai practice, which are ended by throwing or tearing to the ground. Training lasts two days, two phase, self-defense in the morning and bunkai in the afternoon.  


Planned date of the next camp you will find here. 

Traditional karate and kobudo competitions

Slovak Traditional Karate and Kobudo Cup (SPTKK) 


SSTKK is a society, which is focused on traditional form of karate and kobudo, therefore does not take part at the competitions in sports karate. But our trainees have the opportunity to compete in traditional forms.  


On average once per 5 years, there is so called Sekai Taikai (World cup) in traditional karate held on Okinawa Island. It differs from standard sports competitions, here only traditional, unchanged forms of original Okinawa karate and kobudo schools are allowed to be practiced.


Based on these examples and experiences from organizing three successful cups in traditional karate (Turčiansky pohár) we have decided in SSTKK to organize series of tournaments in traditional karate and kobudo under the name Slovak cup in traditional karate and kobudo (SPTKK).


Clubs united in SSTKK organize during the season four rounds of SPTKK. Results of individuals as well as clubs are counted and based on the sum of placings the final winners in particular categories are determined. Club with the highest amount of points will get the Slovak cup of traditional karate and kobudo


Dates of individual competitions could be found here ...

SSTKK Rules of Competitions here  ...  

 ...and Competition Regulations here ... 


Resulsts of the 1. SPTKK round held in Dolný Kubíne on 02.12.2017 ...

Results of the 2. SPTKK round held in Turčianske Teplice on 20.02.2018 ...

Results of the 3. SPTKK round held in v Banská Bystrica on 03.03.2018 ...

Results of the 4. SPTKK round held in Martin on 05.05.2018 ...


Final ranking of SPTKK 2017 - 2018 ...

Final ranking of SPTKK 2016 - 2017...


Year 2017


16.09.2017 - Račiansky strapec 2017 - competition
Place: Bratislava, Rača

Details ...

23.09.2017 - 1st Traditional Karate and Kobudo Seminar

Place: Martin, Aurela Stodolu 28



07.10.2017 - 1st Seminar of Self-defence

Place: Martin, Aurela Stodolu 28



15.10.2017 - 29.10.2017 - Okinawa Training Camp

Place: Okinawa, Japan


25.11.2017 - 2nd Traditional Karate and Kobudo Seminar

Place: Turčianske Teplice, Telocvična Gymnázia M. Galandu


02.12.2017 - 1st Round of SPTKK - competition
Place: Dolný Kubín, Gym of High School of Trade


16.12.2017 - 2nd Seminar of Self-defence

Place: Martin, Aurela Stodolu 28










Year 2018


20.01.2018 - 2nd Round of SPTKK - competition

Place:Turčianske Teplice, Gym of M. Galanda High School



08.02.2018 - 11.02.2018 - 2nd Winter Self-defence and Bunkai Camp

Place: Moštenica nearby Banskej Bystrici



03.03.2018 - 3rd Round of SPTKK - competition

Place: Banská Bystrica



10.03.2018 - 3rd Traditional Karate and Kobudo Seminar

Place: Banská Bystrica



03.04.2018 - 16.04.2018 - Okinawan teachers in Slovakia

Place: Moštenica, Martin



28.04.2018 - 4th Traditional Karate and Kobudo Seminar

Place: Dolný Kubín, Gym of High School of Trade



05.05.2018 - 4th Round of SPTKK - competition

Place: Martin, Gym of ZŠ Aurela Stodolu

Details ...


12.05.2018 - 3rd Seminar of Self-defence

Place: Martin, Aurela Stodolu 28

Details ...


19.05.2018 - Slovakia Open - International Tournament

Place: Bratislava

Details ...


28.05.2018 - 10.06.2018 - Okinawa Training Camp

Place: Okinawa, Japan

Details ...


02.06.2018 - 5th Traditional Karate and Kobudo Seminar

Place: Handlová

Details ... 


14.06. - 15.06.2018 - Gradings in karate and kobudo

Place: Martin, Gym of KK Fatra Martin

Details ...


16.06.2018 - Season is Over Fest
Place:: Martin - Jasenská dolina, Pension Jarabina

Details ...


01.08.2018 - 05.08.2018 - 4th Summer Traditional Karate and Kobudo Camp

Place: Slanická Osada, Oravska Dam

Details ...

Schedule for 2017-2018 

Below you will find the calendar of SSTKK events for 2017/2018 season, approved by the Presidential board. Please take into consideration, that the dates for individual events can be changed based on the decision of Presidential board. There is a link to details below every event, which will be activated app. 7 days prior to the event. While all the details on prepared events are published through invitations on facebook, we recommend you to "like" our facebook profile on


If you want to download the calendar or print it, click on this link.


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JUDr. Erik Štefák - SSTKK President

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Ing. Peter Krč - SSTKK Vice-President

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Anna Jesenská - SSTKK General Secretary

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