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... The examinations fot lower degrees has been held in Martin on 14th and 15th June 2018. You can find protocol and more information here ...


... Let us inform you that the Black Belt Committee has approved new, updated version of Technicall and Grading Rules. The essential change is whole new technicall part dedicated to Kobudo. In relation to karate we have modified and ammended certain techniques according to the latest information from Okinawa as well as we have partly simplified and amended self-defence part... More information here ... 

Slovak Society of Traditional Karate and Kobudo




In our society the traditional Okinawa Goju-ryu karate of Shodokan, or Seigokan style is being trained. Our instructors are taking part at the training camps on Okinawa island regularly 2 times a year. 

SSTKK organizes specialized seminars for all members as for Slovak cup in traditional karate for young people on a regular basis.  



In SSTKK we train traditional Okinawa kobudo of Ryuei-ryu style. Within this school the following weapons are being practiced: kun (stave), sai, ekku (oar), kama (sickle), timbe/teppi (short spike/shield).


Kobudo starts to be trained in SSTKK when the trainee reaches 4. kyu (green belt) in karate.




Okinawa Island is a second home for us. Instructors of our society have created strong background on the island. SSTKK president is the official deputy of Goju-ryu karate and kobudo renmei for Slovakia. 

Regularly, two times a year, organizes SSTKK training camps (seminars) on Okinawa island for clubs trainers and the best trainees.

Self - Defence


Self-defense is the basic component of training within SSTKK.


Our instructors at the best in Slovakia and their experience are regularly used by the armed forces. SSTKK organizes minimally four self-defense seminars during every season.


Our Teachers


Our trainers are Okinawa masters Choyu Kiyuna, Seitoku Matayoshi, Zensei Gushiken, Akira Gushi, Shigeru Kinjo, Eiki Kurashita, Tadashi Shinjo and many others from Goju-ryu Kokusai Karate Kobudo Renmei.


Techniques of self-defense include parts of Ju-Jutsu, to which we were led by Mr. Csaba Harsániy

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